Do you need help for you and your staff to work from home?
Tracument is your solution!

While many organizations are set up to work remotely, there is some difficulty in getting letters and documents in and out when you are not physically in the office. Tracument provides everyone working from home with the following functionality:

1. Fax-from-Desktop

2. Mail-from-Desktop

3. Secure Send

4. Portal

Plus, the following is also available:

  1. Automated Requests takes the 10-15 steps that are required to get a third party set of docs (think GP records), and automates them, reducing the staff time by 80%.
  2. Ability to send cheques (can be limited to partners/accounting, or as appropriate). Send cheques in payment of anything you need.
  3. Ability to send a return-addressed/pre-stamped envelope.
  4. Incoming Fax to desktop can also be set up. Faxes arrive digitally and can be distributed to any of your staff with no physical printing and no office presence required.

Full cost recovery to PC Law, Ghostpractice, ProLaw, or Copitrak on all of the above. A firm can use all or any combination of the above.

For more information please contact: